The Journey of a modern rehabilitation clinic

24 April 2017

Centre Hospitalier Neuro-Psychiatrique

Recognised for Excellence 4 Star in 2015

In addition to the compulsory national assessments, we wanted to obtain an international recognition for our management system. That way, we could prove to all stakeholders that we managed to shed the image of an antiquated state-owned psychiatry to a modern rehabilitation clinic that takes into account the expectations and needs of all parties involved.

Centre Hospitalier Neuro-Psychiatrique - 2015.


The Centre Hospitalier Neuro-Psychiatrique (CHNP) was established as a central care facility in 1855 for the deranged and the needy, who were admitted for reasons of "necessary humanity" and "public order". It is situated in Ettelbruck, north of Luxemburg. Until the 1990s it was almost like a small town which was in part self-sufficient and until that time, all acute psychiatric cases from all over Luxembourg were treated there. In 2003 acute psychiatric treatment was transferred from CHNP to the country's general hospitals and as part of this redistribution the number of in-patient beds at CHNP-Rehaklinik was reduced to 237. The psychiatric Rehaklinik is now one of three independently organised entities of the CHNP, the nursing home for the elderly (Centre Pontalize) and the home for people with low intellectual abilities (De Park), make up the other two entities. The main site has 3 external dependencies with specific rehabilitation offers. 

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Since 2001 the EFQM Excellence Model has been the national quality Model for hospitals in Luxembourg and it includes a regular external evaluation. The evidence that we are forging ahead in our endeavours to provide excellent services was confirmed to us through several assessments. We received the first recognition for our quality management in 2006, followed by several national, European and international awards and certifications...