Success Story - Objectivity

31 October 2017


In our offices, we strongly promote the idea of knowledge sharing. If one of our employees finds a new and better way to do something and keeps it to themselves, it would drive us pretty crazy! Luckily, we don’t have that problem; good news tends to travel fast. But we thought: “What would it be like if we could share with everyone?” And when we say “everyone”, we are not just talking about colleagues and friends; we wanted to know if we could share with competitors, clients, other industries and organisations. We wanted to know if we could be inspired by the best practices from everywhere, to continuously improve and expand our processes and our network. That is why in 2015 we sought out EFQM. We wanted to be part of this not- for-profit organisation, with 30,000 member companies like Bosch and BMW, where we could learn from the experience of others and also pass on a little of our own know-how.


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