Success Story from the Italian country unit of Bosch Rexroth AG

14 June 2017

Bosch Rexroth S.p.A.

Recognised for Excellence 3 Star - 2015

Having an external assessment allows to get an external calibrated point of view to verify how the company defines, deploys, assesses and refines its approaches.

Bosch Rexroth S.p.A.

Organisation Overview

Bosch Rexroth S.p.A. is the Italian retailer of Bosch Rexroth AG, which operates in the Drive & Control technology and is part of the Bosch Group. The head-quarter is located in Cernusco S/N and there are four more sales offices spread in Italy. Employing about 430 people and with a total turnover of about 320 million euros, Bosch Rexroth S.p.A. supplies solutions for automation in the industrial and mobile sectors.

The initial Journey with EFQM…

Bosch Rexroth S.p.A. started using the EFQM Model at the beginning of 2014. Before starting the EFQM journey, Bosch Rexroth S.p.A. underwent a consistent restructuring process in order to react to the economic crisis. In addition, the company was also lacking a structured strategy and the internal environment was rather competitive both among leaders and associates. This prompted the decision to use EFQM as the DCIT overall orientation and improvement model and to begin the formal EFQM journey.

As for all important changes in an organisation, change is required to be supported from the management, so the CEO and CFO strongly committed to the project and their first steps were to briefly present and use the Model with the top management. The first practical result was given by the documented strategy development process which was formalized between the top managers.

Then it started “small” by trying to develop the first “management document”. This first version was developed by a small team and it had the objective to collect “approaches” and “results” to present to CEO, CFO and top management.

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