Success Story - Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company

31 October 2017


ADNEC started its excellence journey in 2011 when we participated for the first time in the Abu Dhabi excellence award “Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award” (SKEA) and won the golden category. Then the Abu Dhabi Government excellence award model got stronger and more mature.Since 2012, ADNEC started to use the EFQM model as part of its participation in the Abu Dhabi Excellence Award program cycle of 2012/2013. That was our first government excellence award participation which was followed up by the 2015 and 2017 cycles respectively.

The EFQM model linked business areas in a cause and effect relationship, it focused on a balanced way on results. The model is credible, renowned and easily benchmarked which was a key factor in the decision to adopt it for business growth and excellence. The model has been used since 2013 as avehicle for performance improvement and the achievement of corporate objectives. Through developing robust approaches, processes and policies to excellent and efficient execution  and ending up with reviewing and learning, the EFQM excellence model provided ADNEC with clear guidelines, tools, principles and techniques.

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