Ready, Steady, Hire!

2 May 2017

Objectivity Bespoke Software Specialists Sp. z.o.o.

Recognised for Excellence 5 Star - 2015

The “Welcome Pack” provided by Objectivity is for sure an uncommon thing – for me, it was the first time I’ve seen such a nice gesture. It’s a wonderful moment and an unforgettable extra smile

Paweł Jarosz, Network Administrator at Objectivity Bespoke Software Specialists Sp. z.o.o.

Organisation Overview

Objectivity is a value-driven organization of more than 450 professionals, who strive to deliver excellent software solutions for blue chip clients. We have 25 years of experience in providing the most valuable IT solutions to develop our clients’ business. With our operational centre in Wrocław, we gradually increase the market share, and at the same time create a great place to work for our employees. When creating solutions for our customers, we work with agile methodologies which are based on direct communication and ongoing information about the progress of the project. We mainly produce web applications and Business Intelligence solutions. We’re engaged in various business domains such as investment funds, logistics, FMCG and pharmaceuticals. For each of our customers, we create a dedicated team precisely tailored to their needs. With this strategy, we build trust and deliver high-quality business solutions.

And most importantly, all of our operations with our people and clients are guided by four values: People, Integrity, Excellence and Agility. These are not just words, but our manifesto that is encoded in our DNA and guides our actions in every aspect.

The challenge, so what matters to people also matters to us…

We’re a company based on values. Values are the basis of all activities, and the "People" is the most important of them. We think about the people every time we want to implement a new idea – no matter if we think about the project development or a company life. We take care of our employees and try to bring more than a little happiness and fulfilment to their work at Objectivity. This process begins before people even start working for us. During the recruitment process, we treat potential employees just the way we do our existing teams. We really think that the time we give to people does matter and it influences their decision as to whether to work for us or not. We know that the candidates, after accepting the offer, await the first day at work in uncertainty, even if it is a dream job and employer. Even if the new job has the best prospects for development. Even if they know someone who is working for the new employer. These factors, although positive, don’t change the fact that we don’t know what to expect in a new workplace. Objectivity employs specialists, namely people with experience and 3-month notice period. Positive impressions after the recruitment process may vanish that’s why to sustain the positive effect we decided to fill the 3month gap between the recruitment process and the deployment.

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