On the Right Path

8 July 2013

Robert Bosch GmbH Bamberg Plant - Germany

EFQM's 2012 Award Winner and Prize Winner in Leading with Vision, Inspiration & Integrity and in Succeeding through People.

"The EFQM Excellence Model made us reconsider our leadership behaviour, our relationship to our people, customers, suppliers and all other partners relevant to us. Now we got reassurance  that we are on the right path to Business Excellence."
Hans Hoffmann, Commercial Plant manager


The Robert Bosch Group is a leading international technology and service enterprise, active in the fields of automotive technology, energy and building technology, industrial technology, and consumer goods. According to preliminary figures, more than 306,000 associates generated sales of 52.3 billion euros in 2012. With about 7,300 employees Bosch Bamberg Plant manufactures components for gasoline or diesel injection systems, sensors and spark plugs in the field of automotive technology. As a lead plant it contributes its high technological competence to the international production network, leading 20 locations in 11 countries worldwide.

Benefits of implementing the EFQM Excellence Model

  • The Bamberg Plant achieved in 2011 an internal cost reduction of 22% compared to 2005, although external costs (wages, material, energy) increased by over 20% in the same period.  This improvement contributed to the overall profitability of Bosch.
  • The cost reduction was achieved while maintaining jobs, despite the global economic crisis and at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.
  • The Model helped Bosch Bamberg to develop a well reflected and balanced strategy and to implement it through a consistent policy deployment process, aligning all processes, activities and targets with the strategy.

Robert Bosch GmbH Bamberg Plant is EFQM's 2012 Excellence Award Winner  and Prize Winner in Leading with Vision, Inspiration
& Succeeding through People.

"Leaders commitment is evident everywhere, from the active use of the EFQM Excellence Model to the attention given to the smallest performance indicators"
Dr. Ian J May, EFQM Assessment Team Leader