12 December 2012

Arabtech Jardaneh Engineers and Architects  - Jordan

EFQM Recognised for Excellence 3-Star - 2012

“Applying the EFQM Excellence model was a big step in AJ’s journey to excellence; since the model is a powerful tool in identifying our gaps against international standards, the thing that serves the company’s overall vision in becoming an international leader in its field.”
Bisher Jardaneh, Executive Managing Director of Arabtech Jardaneh Group


Based in Amman, Jordan, Arabtech Jardaneh (AJ) is one of the Middle East’s leading Engineering, Architectural and Total Infrastructure consultancies with branches and operations in Abu Dhabi, Yemen, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iraq, Oman and Qatar.

AJ has a GLOCAL mind-set; Global in standards of best practice, implementation processes and professional capabilities, whilst being Local in knowledge and understanding of the Arabic-speaking world.

Benefits of implementing the EFQM Excellence Model 

  • The Model is supporting AJ in achieving its vision of becoming a regional leader in Engineering and Architecture by implanting international standards and best practices. 
  • Since AJ started using the Model the organisation is more focused on results; what to measure and how to use achieved results in improving processes and operations. 
  • There is strong engagement with external stakeholders. 
  • The latest customer survey confirms AJ’s strong market position in the local market, its strengths to handle infrastructure projects and its project management and supervision skills. 
  • The number of complaints has been decreasing showing an improving trend since 2009. 
  • AJ has started acting as a responsible organization towards environmental and societal aspects. 
  • AJ Group has achieved a sustained financial growth, successfully negotiating the impact of the global financial crisis.

“AJ’s management has succeeded in building a well-structured professional organization with a clear vision, mission and strategic focus. They drive trust and empowerment of the senior team to make the company self-governed. At the same time he remains accessible for everyone”
Hans van Beek , Assessment Team Leader