• Customer and People Oriented

    30 October 2013

    Alpenresort Schwarz - Austria

    2013 EFQM Excellence Award and Prize Winner in "Adding Value for Customers" and "Succeeding through the Talent of People"

    “We were particularly impressed by the role model behaviour of the leaders and employees, the focus on the Guests and the Integration of all the approaches.”
    Riëtta Klijn, Assessment Team Leader

  • Leadership

    29 October 2013

    Glasgow Housing Association - Scotland

    2013 EFQM Excellence Prize Winner in "Leading with Vision, Inspiration and Integrity"

    “It was fully demonstrated at assessment that leadership skills are comprehensively embedded in the wider leadership team. Of particular note are the extent to which leaders engage with stakeholders and partners, and also the extent to which they have secured the loyalty, commitment and trust of their employees.“
    Paul Evans, Assessment Team Leader

  • Passion for performance

    29 October 2013

    Wakefield and District Housing - England

    2013 EFQM Excellence Prize Winner in "Adding Value for Customers"

    “WDH is an effective organization, more than ably led, which has made a dramatic impact on its community since it was created in 2005. There is, about the organization, a passion for performance.”
    Andre Haynes, Assessment Team Leader

  • "Think Yes"

    18 September 2013

    Glasgow Housing Association

    Winner of the EFQM Good Practice Competition 2013 - New Ways of Working

    Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) is a Registered Social Landlord, a not-for-profit organisation, a limited liability company, and a registered charity. They provide services to almost 67,000 people across Glasgow, owning and managing 41,000 rented properties. Our leaders have set a clear direction through our vision of “Better homes, Better lives, a Better Glasgow.” Our customers matter to us - we want them to be happy with the services we provide. To build this trust and confidence with our people, we have created our “Think Yes” culture. “Think Yes” is reflected in everything we do from our leadership and management approach through to the ways in which we manage our policies and processes.

  • Leading Growth

    7 August 2013

    pom+Consulting AG - Switzerland

    EFQM's 2012 Awards Prize Winner in "Leading with Vision, Inspiration and Integrity"

    "Leaders are champions of a culture of innovation, continuous learning, team working and customer orientation expressed through the rules of conduct."
    Maria Jesus Novo, EFQM Assessment Team Leader

  • Succeeding through People

    8 July 2013

    Wakefield and District Housing - United Kingdom

    EFQM's 2012 Awards Finalist.

    "There is a strong base for the organisation to go forward and in particular a very loyal, committed and motivated workforce, a very strong local "brand", clear long term Vision and supportive leadership." 
    Norman Hughes, EFQM Assessment Team Leader

  • Leadership

    12 December 2012

    Arabtech Jardaneh Engineers and Architects  - Jordan

    EFQM Recognised for Excellence 3-Star - 2012

    “AJ’s management has succeeded in building a well-structured professional organization with a clear vision, mission and strategic focus. They drive trust and empowerment of the senior team to make the company self-governed. At the same time he remains accessible for everyone”
    Hans van Beek , Assessment Team Leader

  • Moving Ideas Forward

    1 November 2011

    Ricoh Belgium

    EFQM Recognised for Excellence 5 Star and the Benelux Excellence Award in November 2011.

    "Ricoh Belgium is agile and responsive.  By providing the customer with a different experience; an integrated suite of products and services that meet business needs, they have increased customer loyalty, despite the crisis."  
    Alexis Willems, Assessment Team Leader

  • Driving progressive improvement with all stakeholders

    10 October 2011

    La Poste - Courrier Division - France

    EFQM Recognised for Excellence 5 Star - 2011.

    "An exemplary and innovative EFQM approach steered by the high level management of La POSTE COURRIER to manage the implementation of the strategy and allow all the collaborators and managers to understand the strategic objectives and contribute to developing value for customers and stakeholders.
    EFQM Assessment Team

  • Pursuing Excellence

    7 August 2011

    Ricoh Deutschland

    EFQM's 2011 Award Prize Winner in "Adding Value for Customers"

    "Ricoh Deutschland's strong and clear customer focus was apparent from all 150 people interviewed by our Assessors."
    EFQM Assessment Team Leader