• Success Story - VAMED-KMB

    31 October 2017

    VAMED-KMB is a subsidiary of VAMED, the leading international provider of a full line of services for health care facilities. We provide technical operations management in hospitals and realise construction and refurbishment projects during ongoing hospital operations.  Our company is located in Vienna, Austria and has 970 employees. 

  • EFQM Journey to Excellence - CHNP

    The Journey of a modern rehabilitation clinic

    24 April 2017

    Centre Hospitalier Neuro-Psychiatrique

    Recognised for Excellence 4 Star in 2015

    Discover the journey of a modern rehabition clinic that was Recognised for Excellence 4 Star in 2015! Located in Luxembourg, the Centre Hospitalier Neuro-Psychiatrique (CHNP) shares with you its story and how the implementaiton of the EFQM Excellence Model enabled them to shed the image of an antiquated state-owned psychiatry to a modern rehabilitation clinic that takes into account the expectations and needs of all parties involved. 

  • From People Excellence for People

    29 October 2013

    VAMED-KMB - Austria

    2013 EFQM Excellence Prize Winner in "Succeeding through the Talent of People"

    “VAMED-KMB has established a very close relationship with the main customer based on mutual trust. The basis for this trust is the high level of excellence.”
    Karin Walter, Assessment Team Leader

  • Taking care of the customers

    27 October 2013

    Sanitas Hospitales - Spain

    2013 EFQM Excellence Award Finalist

    “Employees of SH have succeeded in creating an organization where everyone is dedicated to the Mission “of taking care of the client” to ensure their well-being while also keeping in mind the Vision of “Profitable Growth.”
    Dr. Susanne Kaldschmidt, Assessor Team Leader

  • Succeeding through People

    7 August 2013

    Mutualia - Spain

    EFQM's 2012 Awards Finalist

    "The achievements and performance reached by the organisation in the recent years is very noticeable, demonstrating a really strong commitment to excellence."
    Dr. Andras Hary, EFQM Assessment Team Leader

  • Adding Value for customers

    7 August 2013

    JSC Medicina - Russia

    EFQM's 2012 Awards Prize Winner in "Adding Value for Customers"

    "JSC "Medicina" has an outstanding patient focused culture embraced with enthusiasm at every level."
    Julio Gonzalez Bedia, EFQM Assessment Team Leader

  • Adding Value for Customers

    8 July 2013

    Hospital Galdakao-Usandolo Ospitalea (Osakidetza) - Spain

    EFQM's 2012 Awards Finalist.

    "Driving Excellence with a specific focus on innovation is the most important part of the culture of the organisation."
    Karin Walter, EFQM Assessment Team Leader

  • Permanent Operational Improvement

    8 July 2013

    B. Braun Avitum Hungary Zrt.  - Hungary

    EFQM's 2012 Awards Finalist

    "In most of the cases patients are considered part of the "family" and they are not just getting high quality nephrology treatment but they enjoy the care of the members of the Centre." 
    Georgios Christodoulou, EFQM Assessment Team Leader