June 2018

Welcome to EFQM’s Quarterly Magazine “Excellence in Action”.

At EFQM, we consider the topic of Human Capital as a key Excellence Builder so therefore we have dedicated this issue of “Excellence in Action” to cover some of the many aspects of Human Capital and what challenges lie ahead for organisations.

The article about the Deloitte 2018 Report on Global Human Capital Trends gives an interesting perspective on how to better organise, manage, develop and align people at work and master new trends. The concept of Social Enterprise, highlighted in the article, marries perfectly with the holistic approach of EFQM Model, as it emphasises the relevance to combine growth and profit-making with the need to respect and support its environment and stakeholder network.

GDPR, personal data protection is a hot topic today where Xavier Costa is guiding you through. The new GDPR philosophy is based on continuous assessment where the RADAR concept is most useful and the EFQM approach of con

tinuous self-assessment and yearly external (peer) assessments can support the implementation of this new GDPR policy.

Emmanuel Perakis takes you through the different sides of organisational culture: people, system and image where he emphasises that aligning these 3 sides into one organisational culture will support the happiness of employees within that organisation. 

In this edition of Excellence in Action on Human Capital, it is interesting to read about the network organisation HRC which connects the HR directories of over 300 companies, which is a great platform for learning and benchmarking on HR Role Model Practices.

Last but not least, you can read how EFQM recognised organisations like Bosch Blaichach, GGZ (Graz) and DEWA (Dubai), all have a dedicated approach to take care of their employees, grow their capabilities and reward their performance.

During our EFQM Forum in Vienna on 18th and 19th of October 2018, you will learn how to optimise your Human Capital experience, to leverage your symphonic approach and to become a Global Role Model for Excellence.

Enjoy reading this edition of Excellence in Action.

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