Excellence in Action - September 2018

1 October 2018

Welcome to EFQM’s Quarterly Magazine “Excellence in Action”.

At EFQM, we consider the topic of Digitalization as being a crucial Excellence Builder so therefore we have fully dedicated this Magazine to this subject.

Digitalization is an unstoppable mega trend, as you can read in the first article, which describes the biggest digital trends in 2018. Connecting the EFQM Excellence approach with the Digital transformation process is a challenge. Absorbing the knowledge needed for assessors to deliver added value feedback on assessing organisations who are in a digital transition is a necessity to keep the high-level standard we as EFQM have set for delivering feedback to organisations at strategic level to improve their competitiveness globally within their business sector.

Therefore, the connection we made with IBM on their Digital Reinvention Assessment Solution and what we now make with Renault-Nissan Consulting on Digital Awareness is all about building knowledge and (assessment) skills to increase the relevance of our EFQM Assessments and the added value we deliver to our customers. You can read more about the IBM Digital Concept in the article "Digital Reinvention in Action" and understand why EFQM and IBM are working closely together on this Digitalization topic. 

The article of Henk Bijl on “Transforming on Digital Maturity” will challenge you to think differently about digitalization, more in terms of business model transformation. With his background from Philips Research and having been an EFQM Lead assessor for decades, Henk takes you through some facts and figures to illustrate the impact digitalization has on almost every business and how the speed of changes is increasing dramatically.

Finally, the interviews with Justin Elias and Etienne Pesnelle from Renault-Nissan Consulting gives more insight into the workshop on Digital Awareness which they co-organised with EFQM on the 28th September.

During our EFQM Forum in Vienna on the 18th and 19th of October 2018, you will explore what it means for an organisation to go from digital transformation to digital industrialization and the digital and cognitive industrialization operating model, what are the main challenges and the 5 dimensions of success.

The entire EFQM Team remains always available to support you and answer your questions should you have any.

Enjoy reading this edition of Excellence in Action.