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First named EFQM News then the Red Thread, Excellence in Action is the magazine launched by EFQM in 2002 to share what works with its Community. Over the years, we’ve brought you contents from various writers and organisations, keeping in mind our mission to help you drive improvement, innovation and Excellence.

You often read or hear the expression “journey towards Excellence” in our communication. What does this mean practically? Well, this year again, we will share with you thematic articles carefully chosen that should inspire you and highlight Good Practices worth learning from or implementing within your organisation.

We will also use Excellence in Action as a medium to inform you of what’s going on at EFQM and among our Network. From now on, don’t miss any important information, read Excellence in Action…And find the PDFs here!

EFQM shares what works and supports your Journey towards Excellence!


  • September 2018

    Welcome to EFQM’s Quarterly Magazine “Excellence in Action”.

    At EFQM, we consider the topic of Digitalization as being a crucial Excellence Builder so therefore we have fully dedicated this Magazine to this subject.

    Enjoy reading this edition of Excellence in Action.

  • June 2018

    Welcome to EFQM’s Quarterly Magazine “Excellence in Action”.

    At EFQM, we consider the topic of Human Capital as a key Excellence Builder so therefore we have dedicated this issue of “Excellence in Action” to cover some of the many aspects of Human Capital and what challenges lie ahead for organisations.

    Enjoy reading this edition of Excellence in Action.

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