Sustaining Outstanding Results

  • Modern School

    29 October 2013

    St Mary's College - Northern Ireland

    2013 EFQM Excellence Prize Winner in "Sustaining Outstanding Results"

    “The Assessment Team is convinced that St Mary's College, being a pioneer since 1995 and one of Northern Ireland's role models today, will continue to play an important role in the construction of modern school living up to Department of Education's vision, and supporting the government's educational strategies for raising achievement in literacy and numeracy.”
    Felix Horner, Assessment Team Leader

  • Moving Ideas Forward

    1 November 2011

    Ricoh Belgium

    EFQM Recognised for Excellence 5 Star and the Benelux Excellence Award in November 2011.

    "Ricoh Belgium is agile and responsive.  By providing the customer with a different experience; an integrated suite of products and services that meet business needs, they have increased customer loyalty, despite the crisis."  
    Alexis Willems, Assessment Team Leader