Succeeding through the Talent of People

  • Ready, Steady, Hire!

    2 May 2017



    We think about the people every time we want to implement a new idea – no matter if we think about the project development or a company life. We take care of our employees and try to bring more than a little happiness and fulfilment to their work at Objectivity. This process begins before people even start working for us. 

  • From People Excellence for People

    29 October 2013

    VAMED-KMB - Austria

    2013 EFQM Excellence Prize Winner in "Succeeding through the Talent of People"

    “VAMED-KMB has established a very close relationship with the main customer based on mutual trust. The basis for this trust is the high level of excellence.”
    Karin Walter, Assessment Team Leader

  • "Think Yes"

    18 September 2013

    Glasgow Housing Association

    Winner of the EFQM Good Practice Competition 2013 - New Ways of Working

    Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) is a Registered Social Landlord, a not-for-profit organisation, a limited liability company, and a registered charity. They provide services to almost 67,000 people across Glasgow, owning and managing 41,000 rented properties. Our leaders have set a clear direction through our vision of “Better homes, Better lives, a Better Glasgow.” Our customers matter to us - we want them to be happy with the services we provide. To build this trust and confidence with our people, we have created our “Think Yes” culture. “Think Yes” is reflected in everything we do from our leadership and management approach through to the ways in which we manage our policies and processes.

  • Target your Energies

    5 September 2013

    Telecom Italia - Human Resources and Organisation Department

    EFQM Recognised for Excellence 3-star - 2013

    “Leaders and associates are consistently working on improvements towards their vision of becoming a credible and value adding partner. By sustaining and even extending this, the assessors are sure that TI.HRO will continue to contribute to the success of Telecom Italia.”
    Dr. Thomas Baeuerle, Assessment Team Leader

  • Citizen satisfaction and participation

    7 August 2013

    Nilufer Municipality - Turkey

    EFQM's 2012 Awards Finalist

    "People in Nilufer are very proud of their municipality thanks to the focus on the citizen and progressive mind-set. It is clear that Internal policies and management approaches are enabling this motivation."
    Annemie Simkens, EFQM Team Leader

  • Succeeding through People

    7 August 2013

    Mutualia - Spain

    EFQM's 2012 Awards Finalist

    "The achievements and performance reached by the organisation in the recent years is very noticeable, demonstrating a really strong commitment to excellence."
    Dr. Andras Hary, EFQM Assessment Team Leader

  • Succeeding through People

    8 July 2013

    Wakefield and District Housing - United Kingdom

    EFQM's 2012 Awards Finalist.

    "There is a strong base for the organisation to go forward and in particular a very loyal, committed and motivated workforce, a very strong local "brand", clear long term Vision and supportive leadership." 
    Norman Hughes, EFQM Assessment Team Leader

  • Succeeding through People

    14 December 2012

    Bosch Chassis Systems Control - France

    EFQM Recognised for Excellence 5-Star - 2012

    “CC Moulins CC/PM and management have created an excellent working environment in which people feel proud, cared for, involved and engaged in constant improvement to maximise efficiency and reduce cost. Everybody questioned had a customer, cost, quality mindset.”
    John Pimblott, Assessment Team Leader