Benefits and value

Why should your organisation join EFQM?

 To learn more about our Member community, you can either contact us or participate in an introduction webinar all future dates are available on our website calendar.

General Benefits

Every Member of EFQM is entitled to a range of general benefits, which are described below in greater detail. These include the right to use our logo to advertise the importance of the Excellence drive within your organisation. Please click here to view logo guidelines.

Opportunities to connect with peers from other member organisations

EFQM connects to a wide number of active contacts worldwide through:

  • Good Practice Visits - a one-day event at an EFQM Member’s premises.  An interactive way to learn from real-life good practice examples. These Good Practice Visits are usually hosted by the EFQM Excellence Award nominees, this is their opportunity to share what works for them within the EFQM community. Free of charge for Members.
  • Webinars - hosted on an online platform, this is a user-friendly virtual way to learn from others. Free of charge.
  • Communities of Practice - a Community of Practice is a group of EFQM members who share their experience with others and use this learning to generate new, innovative approaches that may be of benefit to the wider community. Free of charge for Members.
  • EFQM Forum - the EFQM annual conference is usually attended by more than 400 participants and features keynote speakers and good practice case presentations.  EFQM Members can benefit from a discounted fee.

Unlimited access to learn from the EFQM Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains a wide range of content items available to every employee within your organisation to help you in your quest for Excellence.  You will find in there:

  • Good Practices from the EFQM Excellence Award Winners, Prize Winners and Highly Commended.  Most of these good practices have been identified and validated by the EFQM Award Assessors during the Award cycle.  Categorised by the Fundamental Concept of Excellence and industry sector, these are easy to search through and find the examples you are looking for.
  • Good Practices from the Winners of the Good Practice Competitions.  These case studies provide great examples on the New Ways of Working, Creative Use of Social Media, Taking Responsibility for a Sustainable Future.
  • EFQM User Guides - designed to help organisations by giving examples of common approaches, techniques and methods which support the practical deployment of the EFQM Excellence Model.  These include guides on Lean & Six Sigma, DMAIC improvement methodology, understanding an organisation's stakeholder, perception surveys, net promoter score, Enterprise 2.0, the EFQM Management Document, and a Benchmark Scoring Report based on the scores of the EFQM Excellence Award.
  • Assessment tools - a set of ready-to-use tools to perform an assessment within your organisation, from a beginner to a more mature status.

Priority to act as an EFQM assessor

EFQM Recognition provides opportunities for our Assessors to join one of the Assessment Teams for Committed to Excellence Assessment, Recognised for Excellence Assessment or EFQM Award Assessment. Being an EFQM Assessor is a unique learning opportunity, where your education continues also outside the training classroom. EFQM Assessments give you a chance to join international teams and obtain privileged insight into the daily business of high performing organisations. You gain better understanding of how the Model looks in action and what makes organisation excellent. As a Member, you always have the priority in the assessor selection process. 

Member Discount

As a Member, you can enjoy lower prices for all our products and services:

  • Recognition – 30% discount: self-assessment and external assessments are crucial for the development of your organisation. To encourage our Members to conduct this “health-check” systematically, we offer Member fees which make it easier to keep the regular pace. 
  • Training – 20% discount: every Member at one point or another on their journey will need to train people internally. Therefore, we offer our training portfolio at the discounted rate to all our Members.
  • Publications – 20% discount: our publications are a source of useful knowledge and information. Being a Member allows you to purchase them at a lower discounted price.
  • EFQM Forum – 20% discount: our event of the year where we celebrate the success of the Applicants of the Global EFQM Excellence Award.

Additional Benefits

Assigned EFQM Account Manager

Each full Member organisation has an assigned Account Manager to help you stay informed about any new and existing training courses, events, publications, etc. Your Account Manager is responsible for providing your organisation with the support you need on your journey to Excellence, this includes:

  • Advice and support for the development of your organisation’s journey
  • Development and follow-up of your Engagement Plan
  • Processing your queries and requests (including benchmarking)
  • Connecting you directly with other EFQM Members for solutions you seek
  • Handling your feedback 

Apart from that Additional benefits depend on the Membership category of your organisation and which completes the membership offer. These benefits will give you additional training options during each membership year. 


If you fall into ‘A’ or ‘B’ category, then you are one of our biggest members. Therefore, it is important for us to provide you with benefits which stand out from our generic offer. During your membership year, you will entitled to one, free Member Workshop for up to 15 people*. The content of the Member Workshop is agreed with each Member individually and it is tailored to your specific needs, current priorities and maturity level of the Member. The workshop works best when the right people are involved. If you just joined EFQM, it is probably best that your Management Team is present. It will give your organisation the right start with the support of your Leadership, which is a crucial success factors for the overall EFQM initiative in your organisation. One of the outcomes of the typical workshop is a clear baseline position and action plan (or Engagement Plan), which will allow you to agree on the milestones and draw a possible path for your organisation to follow for the next 3 to 5 years.

* The standard Member price for the workshop is €2.500, excluding travel & accommodation for the Trainer. For 'A' & 'B' category Members, there is no fee for the workshop but travel & accommodation costs must be covered.


If you are either ‘C’ category Member or you are one of our Additional Members (‘X’ category), once in your membership year you can take advantage of 20% discount the member price on any of the HOW-TO Workshops. HOW-TO Workshop offer includes: 

  • How-to manage an EFQM Self-Assessment
  • How-to Produce an EFQM Management Document
  • How-to fix your areas for improvement 


As a ‘D’ category Member you belong to our SME community and you are entitled to 3 free seats to on-line trainings. There include: Basic Assessor Training, Online Assessment Training or any of EFQM Knowledge Modules


If you belong to ‘Y’ category you are one of our educational institutions. As such all your employees and students can register for free of charge online Basic Assessor Training. The only restriction is that the registration must come from official email address of your school or university. 


For further details please visit the relevant sections of our website or contact us directly for more information. 


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