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Being part of the EFQM Community means joining the global network of organisations which share a common goal; the pursuit of excellence. The EFQM Member network alone includes more than 400 organisations of different sizes and sectors. Apart from our member community, the EFQM network includes also many national partner organisations which cooperate with local companies. This creates a wide net of organisations enthusiastic about the EFQM Excellence Model, which provides them with a common language to facilitate sharing of experiences, knowledge and good practices. 

Supporting your Journey to Excellence

Membership with EFQM will provide your organisation with support each step of the way on your journey to Excellence. The membership package includes a range of general benefits such as: member discounts for training, recognition and other products and services, but also sharing and learning opportunities through events and the Knowledge Base. Members can also use our member logo to advertise the importance of their Excellence drive within their organisation and Assessors have priority in the selection for EFQM Assessments.  Moreover, depending on the Membership category you are entitled to different additional benefits within the membership year.

How to become an EFQM Member

The first step to take when joining the EFQM community is to choose one individual within your organisation to be the EFQM REPRESENTATIVE. This person will act as a partner within the overall EFQM community contributing to the ongoing development of Sustainable Excellence and will be the key contact between the organisation and the EFQM.  The EFQM Representative should be the driving force in aiding the highest ranking executive in the development and implementation of Sustainable Excellence within the organisation. This role is key for the success of your engagement with the EFQM network, both within and outside the organisation.

The next steps to become an EFQM Member is to fill in, and sign the Application Form and the Affiliation Agreement and return to us as a scanned copy together with additional documents to validate your membership.   Once this is done and all necessary documentation has been provided, you will receive your membership certificate and the corresponding membership invoice.

Applying for Membership

To apply for EFQM Membership, please complete the application form, including hand signed copies of the affiliation agreement (pages 6 and 7). These documents should be sent to us as a scanned copy. Additional documents which are required to complete your Membership are:

  • Latest annual report or similar information, clarifying the organisation's turnover or budget figures
  • An organisational chart outlining the position of the designated EFQM representative in your organisation

For more information, feel free to contact us at You can also view Why Join brochure here.

Start using the Model

Our "Start Simple" package makes sure that first step is in the right direction. It's designed to support you through the first 12 months of your journey.

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